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Omnia procedure trays are practical, compact, and ready to use.
They contain all of the disposable items a surgical team would require for many different operations.

Omnia procedure trays are practical, compact, and ready to use. They contain all of the disposable items a surgical team would require for many different operations. All products are conveniently stacked in the order they will be required. Once inside the operating room, the surgical team simply has to unwrap the set, making set-up faster and more efficient.

Omnia procedure trays can significantly reduce the time of the various activities required to carry out a surgery. They make planning processes, material purchasing, administration, set-up and traceability faster with a significant reduction of total costs for each procedure. The time saved will not only allow greater focus on the clinical case, but will also increase the number of operations possible.

Production of the Omnia sets occurs in a controlled environment classified as "ISO CLASS 8" pursuant to EN ISO 14644-1. The sets are packaged in a double sterile packaging, medical paper and blister, through extremely strict and rigorous procedures which meet the highest control standards. Omnia utilizes constant after-sales monitoring and vigilance in order to ensure that the sets are always at the forefront in terms of safety, suitability for use, and customer satisfaction. During the internal manufacturing phases, monitoring is direct and constant in order to ensure ever-increasing quality and safety standards. We always guarantee traceability of all materials and components used.

Hygiene and safety in the operating room have always been our priority and we believe that the sustainability of the products we offer should go hand in hand with our values. Omnia Disposable sets have two advantages:

  1. they dramatically reduce the amount of packaging material compared with individually packaged products.

  2. they are preferable to reusable materials because their safety is guaranteed for every use and they save energy and time used in repeatedly washing and sterilizing them.

Sascha A. Jovanovic
Periodontist and Implant Surgeon, Los Angeles - California

“Omnia products has given me an efficient, safe and high quality way to control sterility for my patients during surgical implant procedures”

Paul Stone BDS, FDS, RCS(Edin)
Specialist Oral Surgeon & Clinical Director, Blackhills Clinic - UK

“The ability to provide bespoke drape and gown packs for both Specialist surgeons means that we can continue to maintain the quality of care necessary for our patients. Omnia were very helpful with setting up the different packs and their service has been excellent throughout the whole process.”

Daniele Cardaropoli
DS Dentist, SIDP and SIO Active Member, Scientific Director PROED Turin, Italy

"We have been using Omnia procedure trays for periodontal and implant surgery for several years. The possibility of exchanging views with the Company and their great availability has allowed us to have customised sets prepared for us, specifically designed for us according to our requests and needs. Preparing the surgical site has therefore become a fast, precise and effective procedure, carried out to perfection by the auxiliary personnel of our Clinic. Controlling sterilisation certainly represents the first step in order to perform surgical operations successfully".



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